Story Bufday Gegurl 

Baby! ade lagu special tok you. i nyanyi taw. ehem ---->
Happy Birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to aen
Happy birthday to you syggg!

Haha Yeayyy yeayyy, yesterday birthday dea lah. Happy birthday gal! May Allah bless you alwys, have a nice day. stay cute okay? Lastlong with you boiperen. haa untunglah org tu dpt free call kankan, nty call Aen kan? heee . yesterday happy jea taw, jadi lah org yang paling happy di dunie ni. TAW TAW ! i sayang you taw, sayang sangat-sangat cehh . jgn lupe i yeahh . Happy birthday again , miss you birthday gal! 
Eh2 Np Aen Tbe2 Miss you sgle kt birthday gal nyh ? huhu ..mcty lha miss kn cbb byk kngn yg tk dpt d'lupekn lha sayangs....time smbot birthday aen fadyla nyh , aen pon juin skaly lha ...nk thu tk sbb ape lge? cbb my oppa juin skaly lha...yuhuuu...Okay Lha By2 , Muahhugg :*

Thanks For Reading . Muahhugg

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